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Modern Amusement – Cold As Ice EP: “Deep Electro Infused Music”

Deep Electro infused music…

The “Cold As Ice EP” is the latest Modern Amusement release out on No. 19 Music and is a fine example of deep electro infused music. The title track, “Cold As Ice” with its deep easy-going electro bass strolls through the track accompanied by the simple beat. Whilst spacey sounds drift in and out making way for the hypnotic distant vocal that really lifts the track.
“Real Love” seems much lighter, even though its bass is more rugged and rumbly, but those vocal cuts and synths really add a nice feel to the whole real love feeling.
The finally track on the “Cold As Ice EP” is “Lee Roux”, which also carries quite a deep strolling bass. But this track is much more complex than “Cold As Ice” and is layered up with a full array of strange spacey sounds. But to be fair this track never seems too congested, and with a building vocal by Eleanor Kate Jackson of La Roux, this track has a great weirdness to it.


Bigger Deer night with Lewis Ryder

Bigger Deer celebration for Lewis Ryder…

This Saturday at the Star of Kings, in King Cross welcomes ‘Bigger Deer’ for a special celebration in aid of Lewis Ryder’s birthday. The man himself will be hitting the decks where he will surely not be holding back in his performance, given the night a bolt of energy. Here is a great chance to soak up the ‘Bigger Deer’ experience where Lewis Ryder will be joined by Huw Lloyd, Luke Webb and Stefano Nicolaou. The atmosphere is likely to be buzzing as this is a recipe for a great night and entry is completely free.

Soulscum releases the irresistable ‘Close To You’ on Goose Neck Records

Goose Neck Records release a winner with Soulscum’s latest record…

The latest instalment out on Goose Neck Records is an EP of pure simplicity that is irresistible. Soulscum’s ‘Close To You EP’ comprises of two essential tracks that most DJs will surely be dropping into their mix.

‘Ain’t No Joke’ being the more techy of the two, has an incredibly upbeat groove to it that is owed in part to the skipping beat lined all the way through the record. And in part to the deep hum of the bass vibrating up through the beat, whilst vocal stabs spring their way through. The main attraction here is that incredible warm bass, perfectly programmed to gradually fade out from time to time only to drop back in again. ‘Ain’t No Joke’ can definitely carry its own weight, yet it gives scope to being layered up with elements of other records.

‘Sneakin’ being more deep house, has a deep soft bass carrying the track along its way, with warm gentle organ stabs that add to its general swing and groove. Distant vocal hits and subtle effects surround the body of the track with an aura of ambience. It’s a record suiting both the late night dance floor as well as setting the mood at sunset for those summer pre-parties.

Be sure to hear plenty of Soulscum over the coming months, as these tracks are addictive.

Soulscum – Sneaking

“Shuffle” with Herve at The Plug

Herve set to “Shuffle” some beats at The Plug…

The guys of Shuffle have lined up a real heavyweight of the dance music scene to headline their night at The Plug, Sheffield, which will be with out a doubt smashed to bits with some powerful house beats and immense basslines.

Herve is responsible for the massive Cheap Thrills label and for being one half of the brilliant duo The Count and Sinden signifying that he’s certainly got an ear for a banging tune. His trademark razor sharp basslines have been the biggest to grace the scene and features very heavily in not only the Shuffle residents DJ boxes, but also those of the guest DJs too, equally terrorising dancefloors as much as they get clubbers moving so expect plenty of upfront, ear-throbbing bass action along with, no doubt some hot off the press releases by Herve himself. Things will likely to be off the wall.

Saytek – Cubism Remixed Volume 5 Launch

Saytek’s latest installment is ready for one almighty launch…

Heralding from London town, and working in collaboration with Cubism Records, Saytek is best renowned for his inspirational live performances at the ‘Seal-Pit’; the main arena of Ibiza’s latest musical phenomenon, Zoo Project. His pioneering and distinctive performances immerse the listener into an undulating progression of harmonious grooves, with Detroit soul, dub, acid and tribal percussion, all garnished with intricate chords, jazz and Latin elements, the overall combination of which have lead to Saytek being dubbed as one of the most exciting and innovative live acts around.

Recent sell-out performances at Fabric and Sankeys, have helped to cement Saytek’s reputation as a must-see DJ. Furthermore, it could be suggested that his eclectic sounds have the capacity to inspire a generation of music aficionados, into adopting tribal house as a musical preference on any future clubbing excursion. With his new Remixed Volume 5 album launch due to take-place at East-London’s reputable Cargo club this Saturday 19th March, there are growing opportunities to experience this uprising genre live and exclusively, as the underground music scene enjoys an exciting resurgence at new and ambient venues across the Capital.

Needless to say, flanked by an array of upcoming UK talent in Cubism residents Mark Gwinnett, Paul Johnson and Mike Healey, Saytek’s album launch at Cargo boasts a line-up rivalling any other this Saturday, and is well worth an appearance for anyone eager for a taste of the Zoo.

Words: Luke Farrugia

Weekend Events | Cubism FB | Cubism RA

Barry Jamieson’s label – Circular Sound Recordings

Circular Sound Recordings is set to push new boundaries with Barry Jamieson’s caliber of music…

Barry Jamieson is a name that not so many may be familiar with but would have surely inadvertently come across some of his work. He’s been on the music scene for over two decades, which has seen him working on remixes for Madonna, New Order, Depeche Mode, UNKLE and Seal, to which he was co-nominated for a Grammy. But his experience doesn’t just lie with mainstream artists, as he also worked on remixes for the likes of BT, Bedrock, and Breeder. But of recent, he has spent the last 8 years working alongside Sasha and Charlie May, recording and mixing, especially on the two ground breaking albums by Sasha; Involver and Involver 2. His work with Sasha has seen him working on remixes for The Doves, Damian Lazarus, Little Boots and Hybrid. Not to mention that he was co-owner of Fluid Recordings and one half of Evolution.

Now has come the moment where it seems Barry has harnessed all of his great experience and knowledge to focus on his new imprint, Circular Sound Recordings. Although CSR may seem for the time being to be an output of Barry’s own material, it has the vision and scope to introduce genre spanning music from an array of producers of a similar caliber as it focus’ on depth and quality.

Having only been launched at the end of 2010, CSR already has numerous releases to its name by Barry himself. The first release ‘Deckstomper’ sets the bench mark of the label, and it sure sets it high. With its pulsating bass giving it a funky groove, the track chugs along with a real open ambience to it, before it breaks into a stronger analog feel with big sounds.
Release number two, ‘The Sound’ has a more laid back pass to it with a real dark analog feel that falls into what can only be described as a real crazy breakdown. Before it drops back into the beat with this crazy arpeggiated synth.
Third release, ‘Lost In Brooklyn’ has a slightly deep, driving feel which seems to magically breath as it floats along, gently rising. This track is a serious piece of work, but doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, allowing the you to just drift with the groove. This track is great for building the atmosphere. Its ‘Naked 303 Mix’ is exactly what it says it is, oozing a very retro acid sound, this is enough to get anyone’s head exploding.

And Barry doesn’t seem to be easing up just yet as he released in the CSR newsletter that he has “been working on a track this past week that’s definitely got an emotional edge to it. It’s quite a melodic track so far. Lots of Jupiter 6 and MS20 analogue noodleness all over it, and a good bit of analogue distortion.”

With such great music coming from Barry, CSR looks set to take electronic music forward with experience and reputation.

Barry Jamieson – Deckstomper (Original Mix)

Barry Jamieson – The Sound (Original Mix)

Barry Jamieson – Lost In Brooklyn (We Are Melting Mix)

Barry Jamieson – Lost In Brooklyn (Naked 303 Mix)

Barry Jamieson – Out of Focus (Ambient Dub Mix)

Tim Green’s Bedlam night hits London

Bedlam has it’s eyes on London and plans to hit it hard…

Bedlam started out almost 2 years ago in Maidstone, Kent, being Tim Green’s own little underground night, boasting some of the industries finest DJs playing the most forward thinking house music that can be found. Drafting in such names as M.A.N.D.Y., Martin Buttrich, Audiofly, Leon, Cassy, Lee Burridge, Matthias Tanzmann, Emerson Todd, and 2000 And One, Bedlam has made its mark proving its ability to put on one hell of a party.

Now Tim Green and his Bedlam team are taking the inevitable next step and launching Bedlam for the first time in London. A move which will no doubt receive a warm welcome from the capital. After Guerilla Sounds attended the Bedlam 1st Birthday it was evident that Bedlam was onto something as the atmosphere was electric and it was only a matter of time before they made the move to London.

Bedlam have put together an amazing line-up of some truly ground breaking acts who have taken dance floors across the globe by storm with their unique sounds injected into their music. Joining Tim Green is Cadenza’s Pablo Cahn who will undoubtedly rock the Bedlam night just as much as his Summer hit ‘Elle’ did to countless dance floors and Crosstown Rebels’s duo act Art Department are set to stir things up with their unique dynamic sound. And let’s not forget Rich Adam, co-founder of the East London night Simmer, who will be setting the tone for Bedlam with some impeccable music.

It may be Bedlam’s first appearance in the capital but with Tim Green at the helm and an experienced team of music enthusiasts powering Bedlam, it will be without a doubt the most electrified and freshest night London has seen.

Pablo Cahn: Ibiza Voice Podcast

Tim Green: Bedlam London Launch Mix

For more details and advanced tickets visit Bedlam Events.

Tim Sheridan & Terry Francis Headline ‘Nature or Nurture’

‘Nature or Nurture’ present us with yet another outstanding night of music…

After a superb 2nd Birthday at Fabric with a surprise set from Terry Francis, Nature or Nurture follow-up with what is guaranteed to be another great night of music. Joining residents The Pushamann and S_M Music for the N.o.N ‘The Spring Lean Up Pop Up Rave’ comes once again, Fabric and Wiggle resident Terry Francis, as well as the man most associated with warehouse and beach parties, Tim Sheridan.

Terry Francis needs no real introduction, he’s been doing what he does best on London’s underground house scene for as long as underground house has been around. With his residency at Fabric it’s clear that when he hits the decks he’s a class act, not to mention being part of Wiggle where he teams up with the other Tech-House legends such as himself, Nathan Coles and Eddie Richards.
Tim Sheridan best known for crazy parties in Ibiza; on beaches and at DC10, is someone who has played with some of the finest DJs at some of the craziest nights in some of the greatest clubs in world. But he’s a DJ who thrives on those nights which are different, really underground, in venues which don’t resemble too much of a club. And with his own label called ‘Veryverywrongindeed Records’, you can just imagine the kind of parties he loves play at.
With two such DJs who really seem to resonate the underground vibe joining The Pushamann, who himself is a pusher of that authentic underground feel, seems almost too perfect for this ‘Nature or Nurture’ night.

So make sure you get yourself down to Nomad, Old Street, London for what is going to be one crazy Nature or Nurture party indeed.

New ‘Assemble’ night hits West London’s Raving Buddha

Raving Buddha hosts new ‘Assemble’ night….

Assemble is a new West London night which promises to be a hit as it presents some of London’s most talented DJs. Along side resident Geshe Ewing, Assemble drafts in a live performance from Saytek, who has has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts to come from the UK in recent times. He has been relentlessly touring the UK and Europe with his fully improvised hardware live shows with headline slots at clubs and parties such as Sankeys, Fabric, Amnesia (Milan), Circo Loco, The Zoo Project (Ibiza), Mr C’s Super Freq (France), Patent Blua Secret Party (Berlin), Circus Festival (Spain) and Cafe d’Anvers (Belgium). He has also had various work released on Intec Digital, Bigger Deer Recordings, Berwick Street Records and many more.
Assemble has also lined up Ceri who is not stranger to the London underground scene having played at Ministry of Sound, The Egg, Cargo and also at London’s renowned after hours night, ‘Jaded’.

It’s considerably noticeable that many underground nights are organised from central London out to East London and edging on the London Bridge area. But East London seems to be more predominant and probable due to its character and numerous scruffy locations. But here Assemble aims to bring to West London something which it seems to be lacking. An underground night bring to the surface the true sense of the expression, ‘underground music’, and with Saytek and Ceri joining resident Geshe Ewing, Assemble is sure to be rocking, or as Ceri likes to say ‘screwing’.


Raving Buddha

Geshe Ewing

77 Goldhawk Road
Shepherds Bush

For full details you can check out ‘Assemble’ on Resident Advisor or Facebook. And for those of you who are looking for an idea of what to expect check out the following mixes.



Geshe Ewing

Daniel Stefanik – Nocturnal EP

Daniel Stefanik lands an absolute bomb of an EP on Cocoon Recordings….

Daniel Stefanik releases his latest EP on Cocoon Recordings and it must be said that his ‘Nocturnal EP’ is packed full of three explosive tracks, which are likely to be tearing up dancefloors over the coming months.

The EP starts off with ‘The Silicon Garden’ which comes across as a deeply driven track boasting some great ambient sounds. Every so often the bass and the beat seem to die out only to be drop back in again with immense impact. A remarkable blend of dark and mysterious sounds giving to its slight industrial feel.
‘Dirty Rhodes’ is next up on the list and this one starts with building introduction, but building to what exactly?… Full on shake you body music!… ‘Dirty Rhodes’ we can only imagine is referring to the bass, because that’s what it is with the rest of the tracked being layered up with bright ‘hand in the air’ tones. The track is going to massive across the board!
Last but least, ‘The Harlequin In Me’ is most probably the most versatile of all three tracks. Where ‘The Silicon Garden’ could be used as a crowd builder and ‘Dirty Rhodes’ is the more rinsing of the three, ‘The Harlequin In Me’ is one of those tracks which is pumping mid way through the mix. It’s a solid and full on reliable track which doesn’t boast any incredible particularities like the previous two, but it’s got a driving bass and will never let your mix down.

Just so that you know exactly what we are talking about, here is the official Cocoon Recordings ‘Nocturnal EP’ sampler. Make no mistake, we’ll be hearing a lot more of Daniel Stefanik and his ‘Nocturnal EP’.

Daniel Stefanik – Nocturnal EP